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Polished Concrete Service

This is a hybrid metal / resin bonded diamond polishing tool that is used to make your floors look great.


New house POLISHED CONCRETE FLOOR. Leveling, cleaning prepping for a dye, densifier, shine and guard. CALL TODAY 907-378-1228

Stained Concrete

This was a rec room. Customer wanted Color. We mixed coffee color with Burnt Sienna and coated with urethane

Concrete - Pipers Bob and Byron on grind

Piper's Sports Lounge near ANC. Using our the RM350 grinder/polisher with added weights.

Concrete Potters Marsh

Buffed floor in Potters Marsh

Concrete - Pipers 2-2020

Piper's Sports Lounge 2/2020 grinded to remove old carpet glue and some paint. Then polished up to 400 and applied charcoal dye and a stain guard.

Garage Floor Fairbanks - Dyed black and polished

Customer made a man cave out of a garage. We fulled polished it up to 3000 grit and sealed and buffed. SMOOTH


The advantages of a Concrete Polishing Service on your floor.

  • No harsh chemicals - just diamonds and densifiers 

  • Won't flake or chip or peel away like top coats

  • Safer flatter surface

  • Reflects more light

  • More natural process and better for your concrete

  • Lasts longer 

  • Feels like a gem or stone in concrete.

Concrete Polishing in Alaska


This content has been written for Alaska Floor Care Specialists, LLC


Are you looking for concrete polishing in Alaska?  Concrete polishing has become a very popular and useful way to attain a nice and reliable floor while often saving money and saving the environment!  With the new grinding technology and research and development competition amongst many polymer manufacturers, the concrete polishing market has evolved.


The days of “stained concrete” have practically “acid washed away”.  Today grinders can rapidly remove the dirt, grime, and top layer of concrete from your floor and even expose some of the concrete aggregate for more of an Art Deco look.  Want color on your floor? Simply ask us about dyeing ideas. Most customers like earthy tones or just darker tones if they don’t prefer the grey color of concrete.


Alaska Floor Care Specialists has been grinding and polishing concrete since 2008 and we have enjoyed providing this service to our local customers in Fairbanks, Alaska, and throughout the state.  We take the time to go over the whole process with you and answer any questions you have.  The process is not very invasive considering we are not adding more flooring but just making the existing flooring look better and last longer.


Let Alaska Floor Care Specialists be your GO-TO team for all of your Concrete Polishing in Alaska and you won’t be disappointed!  Come to know what we can do for you and call us at 907-206-2995.  WE ANSWER THE PHONE TOO!


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