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Are your beautiful hardwood floors looking a little bit dull?  Well fear not, now that you have found the LOCAL guys that provide Hardwood Floor Care right here in Fairbanks and North Pole AK.  We have been keeping busy at the Princess Hotel on the 2nd and 3rd floor this past year as well as a handful of residential floors and the Alaska Heritage House in Downtown Fairbanks.  


We delight in making your floor look great for your pleasure. We have professional sanding equipment made specifically for the floor that you own.  Whether you need a light sanding, deep cleaning or restoration sanding, we have a solution for you.  We offer staining options as well.   


We have been using low VOC water-based urethanes for some time now and our customers love the fact that yet extremely durable, they don't have harsh odors and long dry times. Although water-based urethane products are more expensive and require more skill to work with, they save time and frustration by making the job go quicker and they are without the offensive odors.  


High traffic areas????? No fear, 2 part urethanes are here!  Yes there are urethanes available with hardeners so that you can rest assured that your beautiful hardwood floors will be well protected.  


So don't wait, call today enjoy the looks of your newly refinished floors sooner.  


Best regards,



Alaska Floor Care Specialists


Wood Floor Sander
Oak, Birch, Engineered.....we sand it.


Whether your floor is an Oak Hardwood, Custom Birch Wood Floor or a beat up engineered wood floor, we analyze the conditions and come up with a plan that works for you.  While it is great to have a thick, dense wood floor, often times thinner wood floors can handle 2 thorough sandings in a lifetime and with a durable urethane to protect it, you can enjoy your beautiful floor longer.

Wood Floor Sanding at Alaska Heritage House

During Pine floor Staining - Alaska Heritage House

Professional Wood Floor Sanding
Your preference...


Many of our customers are impressed with the look of the floor after sanding and often decide to keep the natural look of the sanded floor as opposed to staining it. 


Regardless of your preference, we strive to give you the look that you will enjoy for years to come.  Why wait?  We sand floors throughout the year but the winter is when most of our business comes because that is when we Fairbanksans focus on indoor remodeling!

Wood Floor Being Sanded

Before - Alaska Heritage House

After picture of wood floor after being sanded and refinished

After - Alaska Heritage House


Looks matter...

Our sanding and refinishing team is detail oriented.  We enjoy giving you a floor that looks great yet keeps some of that character of a true Hardwood Floor.


This customer chose the durable 2 part water-based urthane with a semi-gloss finish and was very please with the look and feel and benefits of low odor and fast dry times.  We are your Fairbanks Floor Sanding Specialists.

Princess Hotel 2015

2nd floor lobby area.

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