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Epoxy paint your garage concrete floor Fairbanks, AK

Make your garage floor nice again! Call Alaska Floor Care Specialists and ask us about our foolproof way to resurface your garage floor with a garage floor epoxy coating or by finishing your floor with a 2 part urethane. We have the experience and the equipment to make sure that your new finish STAYS PUT. Ninety percent of the job is prepping the floor for the new coating.

We do an aggressive prepping of your floor with diamonds to expose a new clean surface. Then we rinse it thoroughly and apply the new garage floor coating with high tech equipment and skill. We allow it to dry the proper amount of time and then apply another coat and let you know what to expect for future use of your garage floor. We let you know how to maintain your nice garage floor.

Call Alaska Floor Care today to schedule your floor refinishing in Fairbanks AK.



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