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Pet Stain treatment by Alaska Carpet Cleaning Fairbanks Ak

We love our pets! We welcome them into our homes as family. Part of the upkeep with pets is managing the pet odor and pet stains that come with the territory. We love to help our customers enjoy living with pets and having fresh carpets! A core service of ours is treating pet stains and treating pet odor. Fairbanks is filled with pet owners!

We treat pet stains with a professional use only oxidizing product that we special order. It combats Pet Odors and treats Pet Stains immediately upon contact with great results.

We also use an enzyme treatment for pet odors which continues to work over time. Excellent results come with both products! Remember that letting the professionals use products is the worry free way to treat issues.

Check out our google reviews for excellent reviews from our customers with pet odors!

Call today to schedule your FRESH CARPET CLEANING 907-378-1228.


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